"Bob Nelson's program helped me to reinforce what had been an ongoing practice of mine--personal recognition. When you take care of your people right, they'll take care of you. You'll create a happier environment that will enhance production and create company pride!"
- Roger M. Miranda, Jr., Trace Engineering

"Bob Nelson was easy to listen to. He gave us a 'starter kit' of practical ideas to take forward with little cost to the organization. The visuals were excellent, also. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It has motivated me personally to implement a stellar recognition program!"
- Sue Stein, Helix Health

"Bob Nelson's mind is phenomenal and his generosity for sharing is lavish! We're just developing our employee recognition program, and feel like I've discovered a pure gold mine of ideas that will take us to dizzying heights! Thanks!"
- Donnie Weigand, City of Newcastle, WA

"With advice from Disney--the largest single-site employer in the US--coupled with tips from Dr. Bob Nelson, the internationally-acknowledged 'Guru of Thank You,' you’ll have a program packed with timely, relevant, and useful content delivered by experienced professionals.
- Colorado Human Resource Association (SHRM super mega-chapter) see the entire letter

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