Low Cost Recognition Ideas

It seems that we can never get enough ideas on how to improve the ways that we reward and recognize our employees. With that thought in mind, we have assembled almost 150 of a wide variety of the many terrific ideas submitted by attendees of Bob Nelson's public seminars. We hope that some of these free resources will help you reach your own goals.

  • Recognition in company newsletter.
  • Write three things you appreciate about each member of your team and give it to them.
  • Lunch barbecue for employees hosted by management.
  • "Night-on-the-town" certificates including child care.
  • Catch people doing something right!
  • Celebrate holidays not usually celebrated such as Polish independence day and summer solstice.
  • Take a ferry ride along with sack lunches as a field trip.
  • Let individual departments set up their own recognition programs.
  • Thank people publicly by e-mail.
  • Pizza certificates -- good for a free pizza.
  • Give out large, gold chocolate coins.
  • Team treats (cookies, bagels, lattes).
  • Ping pong table.
  • Tickets to sports events.
  • Handwritten notes.
  • Company-wide morale-building meetings (music/slide shows).
  • Flexible work arrangements (starting/ending time).
  • Adoption assistance.
  • Recognize improvement, not just top performers!
  • Secret pal (peer-to-peer) -- periodic gifts or remembrances commemorating special personal events.
  • When introducing new employees to current employees, describe each current employee with an example of something great that he or she did on the job.

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