Low Cost Recognition Ideas

It seems that we can never get enough ideas on how to improve the ways that we reward and recognize our employees. With that thought in mind, we have assembled almost 150 of a wide variety of the many terrific ideas submitted by attendees of Bob Nelson's public seminars. We hope that some of these free resources will help you reach your own goals.

  • Give out $2 bills -- these always have a longer-lasting and more meaningful impact than $1 bills.  Probably because the recipient appreciates the effort to go to the bank made by the presenter.
  • Take employees to a really nice restaurant and make a toast to each employee for their effort.
  • Buy a very large bottle of wine and have everyone sign it in commemoration of a special team achievement.  Display the bottle in your office to remind employees of the achievement whenever they visit.
  • Give out free sodas to employees on hot days.
  • Have a marshmallow fight.
  • Always take time to greet your team members.
  • Give daily feedback on employee performance.
  • Give praise publicly.
  • Acknowledge employee milestones.
  • Post positive customer feedback.
  • Give employees company products in thanks.
  • Time off for completing tasks on time.
  • Thank-you doughnuts for team.
  • Personal recognition given directly to key employees by senior management (direct manager steps out).
  • Put a Velcro wall in your parking lot and let all the employees have fun launching themselves onto the wall or just watching.
  • Star coffee mugs.
  • Applause cards with balloons attached to be given to employees by their supervisors.
  • Mugs and t-shirts commemorating achievements.
  • Bouquet of flowers given to employee who keeps it for an hour then passes it on to an employee he or she feels deserve it.  That employee keeps it for an hour before passing it on.  This can go on as long as the flowers stay fresh.
  • Bouquet of thank yous.

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