Low Cost Recognition Ideas

It seems that we can never get enough ideas on how to improve the ways that we reward and recognize our employees. With that thought in mind, we have assembled almost 150 of a wide variety of the many terrific ideas submitted by attendees of Bob Nelson's public seminars. We hope that some of these free resources will help you reach your own goals.

  • Trip to home office.
  • Certificates for course completion.
  • Shirts and jackets.
  • Steak dinners.
  • "Way to go" letter sent to individual and faxed to all locations.
  • Vacation hours to be used whenever employee wants.
  • Time off certificates.
  • Safety Recognition Day: Upper management allows "goofy" hats, pies in face of managers, etc.
  • Thank-you notes: Challenge middle managers to write 10 notes before the next staff meeting.
  • "Smile About It": Secret shopper (retail) issues $50 certificate on the spot for great customer service.
  • Coffee cups.
  • Casual dress.
  • Pass-around trophy.
  • Employee of the Month: Free lunches for the month.
  • Online greeting cards.
  • Extra Mile Award: For doing anything extra.
  • Publishers Excellence Award: If you make the company money.
  • Accuracy commendation.
  • One-on-one lunch with manager.
  • Monthly cash reward for top sales producer.

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