Dr. Bob is available to conduct live, customized webinars for your organization.

Archived Webinars

"Keeping Up in a Down Economy: What the Best Companies Do to Get Results in Tough Times" - HR.com

"Strategies For a More Engaged Workforce"- HCI.org

Bring Dr. Bob into your organization through the power of the web!

  • Dr. Bob will conduct a live, customized webinar for your organization.
  • Unlike on-site training, webinars offer your organization flexibility, convenience, and greatly reduced costs.
  • Before the webinar, Dr. Bob will conduct a conference call with your organization to become more familiar with your needs. Based on that conference call and a few forms that will tell us more about your organization, Dr. Bob will create a customized webinar specifically for your organization.
  • Attendees will watch and listen from their computers.
  • A powerpoint and handout will accompany the training.
  • All webinars will be recorded and put onto CD, enabling your organization to distribute the CDs for future training.


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