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Extend awareness of your brand and your marketing messages through Dr. Bob's many activities.   Sponsor's Testimonial

The Benefits of Sponsoring Dr. Bob and Specific Ways to Get There

Create Expert Affiliation & Access Content

  • Access to and use of 1000+ Dr. Bob columns & articles, motivational tips & techniques and quotes, including excerpts from his published books
  • Access to 100s of Question & Answer items about employee motivation and the effective use of Recognition and Rewards from real managers with real challenges at real companies
  • Personal access to Dr. Bob via conference calls with targeted clients, sales calls, audio chats, webchats, “Ask the Expert” message boards and Discussion Forums
  • White papers on issues/trends relating to Sponsor services
  • Featured Best Practice write-ups of Sponsor’s Clients
  • Testimonials for Sponsor and Sponsor’s Clients
  • Sponsored research/surveys and focus groups

Extend Awareness of Your Brand

  • Exposure & credibility (through Sponsorship) with a targeted audience interested in employee motivation at conferences, public programs, with access to those potential clients at the events with marketing literature and contact information for follow up
  • Executive Briefings with top managers of key target clients, e.g. before or on the day of a speaking event or initiative launch
  • Alignment with speaking event co-sponsors in specific markets, including Chambers of Commerce, HR groups, local colleges & universities, media, and one or more significant area employers
  • Website advertising on Nelson Motivation's websites and e-mail blasts, in conference proceedings, white papers, etc.
  • Online or hard copy newsletters to Sponsor’s clients, with a customized message from the sponsor with each issue
  • Online subscription to Bob Nelson’s "Tip of the Week" for sponsor, sponsor’s clients and their employees

In-Person Marketing Services

  • Keynote, conference and dinner presentations (presentations to over 50 national, and regional conferences in just the current year)
  • Client events: target-geographic (e.g. national and specific cities), target-size companies (e.g. Fortune 500 to small business), and vertical-industry market (e.g. hospitality, insurance, energy)
  • Virtual conferences, public or organization-specific webinars
  • Public- and In-house training sessions, including Train-the-Trainer
  • Informal social, invite-only and backstage events
  • Special event opportunities, e.g. new store openings, community events
  • Generic or Personalized Book signings

Media Spokesperson

Potential for Dr. Bob to serve as a media spokesperson for the sponsor, working the sponsor and its products/services into media interviews in national business media such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Business Week or via columns such as with American City Business Journals or incentive publications

  • National Media (television, radio, print) interviews
  • Satellite Tours (TV or Radio Drive Time)
  • Syndicated Columns and article references for national/trade publications
  • Featured client “best practices” exposure in media, articles, columns and books written by Bob Nelson
  • Targeted press releases on Sponsor products and services
  • Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Internet marketing services

Sales Collaboration

  • Prospect Lead Generation from extensive marketing exposure
  • Targeted conference calls with Prospects and Clients
  • In-person Sales Calls with Prospects and Clients

Integration of Sponsor Messaging

  • Use of Sponsor Research and Client Success Data in presentations
  • Featuring Sponsor Case Studies in presentations
  • Co-presentation with Sponsor Representative at national conferences, management retreats, sales meetings, and client-invite events

On-Site Client Training & Consulting Services

  • Launch events for clients when announcing new services and initiatives, recognition tools and programs, etc
  • Training or Train-the-Trainer programs and eLearning for Sponsor’s key and target clients
  • Satellite video broadcasts, webinars and/or audio conferences to multiple sites
  • Joint development and/or review with Recommendations of Recognition & Reward programs developed for clients
  • Co-branded use of Nelson Motivation web-based Employee/ Manager Recognition Audit and Assessment tools to establish baseline needs analysis and recommendations for current or prospective recognition initiatives and programs

Internal Sponsor Services

  • Internal Sponsor briefings on human resource issues and trends shaping the future of work
  • Advice on how to position Sponsor services to better market to human resource needs and trends
  • Sponsor staff training sessions and executive coaching
  • Augmenting Sponsor Consulting services for Sponsor clients

Books & Resources

  • Autographed copies of Dr. Bob's best-selling books for use with select clients or in promotions of events and/or services
  • Deep discounts on Dr. Bob's products & the ability to distribute or use those products as premium items with their clients
  • Use of Dr. Bob's software products (Dr. Bob's motivation tips, Dr. Bob's Rewards Wizard, Employee Saver screensaver, etc.) on sponsor’s website
  • Custom packaging of select Bob Nelson products with reference to the sponsor’s information, products and services
  • Custom printing of Dr. Bob's books with sponsor’s logo or book cover stickers
  • Sponsor and/or Sponsor’s clients featured in upcoming books and book revisions


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