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Dr. Bob speaks on a variety of topics including those listed below. All presentations are customized and can be adapted to any industry and level of the organization or combined to create half-day or full-day events. All of Dr. Bob’s presentations have been pre-approved for Strategic CEU Credit by HRCI, an affiliate organization of the national Society for Human Resource Management, and several have been pre-approved for International CEU Credit. For availability, contact Dr. Bob directly at (858) 673-0690 or via email at

Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work -
An Overview of the Leading Labor Trends that Will Affect All Organizations in the Upcoming Years (1-2 hours)

Strategies for a More Engaged Workforce -
How to Increase Employee Engagement in Challenging Recessionary Times (1-2 hours)

Engaging and Retaining High Potential Employees -
Learn how best to identify, develop and retain your High Potential talent—before you lose them as the economy improves. (1-2 hours)

Inspiring Exceptional Performance: Taking Initiative -
Tap into the Initiative of Every Employee, Spark Employee Ideas and Innovation, Make Jobs More Fulfilling. (1-2 hours)

Motivating the Millennials -
Understanding, Attracting, Motivating and Keeping the Youngest Generation that is Entering the Workplace (1-2 hours)

Creating a Culture of Recognition -
Build Recognition into the Strategies and Behaviors of the Organization, Transform Your Workplace into an Employer of Choice (1-3 hours)

Ubuntu: Inspiring Teamwork & Collaboration at Work -
Inspire a Greater Sense of Purpose, Connectedness and Unity Among Your Team Members (1-2 hours)

Get the Best When Dr. Bob Speaks for You

When you hire NY Times Best-Selling Author & Motivational Speaker,
Dr. Bob Nelson, "The Guru of Thank You," you get more than just an energizing speaker.

Proven Results

In all of Dr. Bob's talks he draws from his original research and doctoral work, as well as his experience in working with two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies on the topic of employee motivation, rewards and recognition. Because of his vast experience, Dr. Bob is able to best show you ways you how you can make a difference in managing your employees and draw from how the best companies and managers do so, integrating recognition and an employee engagement program into their daily work practices, identifying and acting on opportunities to enhance performance, and overcoming obstacles along the way.


With a Ph.D. in management education and an MBA in organizational development Dr. Bob knows that one size does not fit all.  That is why he feels every speaking engagement should also be customized to the needs of the organization and audience. When you hire Dr. Nelson, you hire more than a speaker, you hire an international expert and business consultant that dives into your organization's needs and reveals insights that can help everyone involved. The following bonus services are included in every full-fee speaking engagement:.

  • Online assessments: Discover what is most important to your employees and compare that to your managers' perceptions.
  • Interviews with audience members:  As needed, Dr. Bob will interview members of your organization to help him tailor his comments to fit the needs of the audience, the occasion and the organization.
  • Review of your recognition programs:  Dr. Bob will provide expert opinion on how to improve what you are already doing so you can achieve greater results.
  • Executive briefing:  Dr. Bob will meet with your executive team to discuss employee motivation in their firm, and their role in supporting and modeling the desired behavior that all managers need to master within the organization.
  • Recognition steering team or task force:  Dr. Bob will have a session with your recognition steering team or network to discuss issues of special interest to them and ways they can best build on and follow up about management training.

Real Applications

Every session Dr. Bob conducts is filled with specific, real-life examples and techniques that can be immediately applied by attendees to get results and systematically leverage, build and sustain a culture of recognition at work. Dr. Bob doesn't just inspire, he gives people the tools to transform the organization and the motivation to want to do so as soon as possible!



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